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Joe was born in a town near Bari, in the South of Italy, in 1962 but spent his childhood in Toronto, Canada. His desire to sing began at the age of 18 when he participated in an Italian program called “Cantapuglia” which was presented by Pippo Baudo, an Italian television presenter.
He signed a record contract with a local company in 1981 and his first single called “What’s on your mind?” was recorded and played throughout Italy and in some parts of Switzerland.
In 1982 he participated in another musical program transmitted on national television called “Azzurro ‘82” in a team of singers with the famous Italian singer Peppino Di Capri as a leader. During this program he sang his first 45 called “Don’t cry no more” which was written and composed by Joe himself. It was during this occasion that Joe took on the name of Joe Ontario, using Ontario which took him back to his childhood and love for Canada.
In the following years Joe appeared on the Italian national TV stations RAI 1 and RAI 2 on programs with Tony Binarelli from the “Fiera 3 di Milano” and Rosanna Vaudetti from RAI/Bari.
During the following years, Joe became a songwriter and composer of more than 100 beautiful songs. His immense passion for North-American music is evident in both the music and the words of his songs and his role models include Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.
In 1984 Joe participated in a singing contest at the National Elvis Presley Rock Fan Club in Recanati, Italy, winning first prize as the best Elvis voice resemblance in Italy.
During the past few years, Joe sang twice at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto, Canada and in London, England. Guests included the Mayor of the City of London and representatives of the United Nations.
Both in 1999 and in 2000 Joe sang both in Italian and English at the International Chin Picnic in Toronto, Ontario along with Manuela Villa and Enrico Ruggeri, Italian singers for an audience of thousands of enthusiastic Italian Torontonians.
Also in the year 2000, Joe participated at the annual Elvis Presley Festival in Collingwood, Canada, along with other participants singing Elvis tunes, for a crowd of about 12,000 Elvis fans. On this occasion, Joe personally met and spoke with D.J. Fontana (Elvis’s first drummer), Jerry Schilling (close friend) and Joe Esposito (his best friend and executive producer).
Recently, however, Joe has become even closer to his fans “interpreting” Elvis’ songs, wearing costumes made especially for him that resemble those of the King but also containing something of Joe Ontario! Despite his remarkable vocal resemblance to Elvis, Joe doesn’t like being called an impersonator because he firmly believes, and always repeats, that Elvis is a star that shines somewhere up there, always will and that no one will ever be able to take his place. He also insists that using this “gift”, that often confuses so many people as to whether or not it is really him singing, is giving him the opportunity to become known as a singer and hopefully sing only his songs one day. During his shows, Joe alternates his own songs with Elvis’s and his public always shows great enthusiasm and appreciation for both.  He is quickly becoming the artist who resembles the King most “On Stage” in Italy!
In the year 2002, there were successful concerts at the Kursaal Santalucia Theatre in Bari;  the Teatro delle Palme in Naples; a Sold-Out Show in Bari’s largest theatre “Teatroteam”; at the “Quadrifoglio” near Ostuni, in the Province of Brindisi, a cozy dinner show Las Vegas style (with 250 fans inside and hundreds outside trying to get in);  two important Elvis Festivals in Ravenna (in the North of Italy) and Manfredonia (in the South of Italy) and during February and March of 2003, a concert at the Palafarinella in Putignano and the Expolevante Fair in Bari. 

Joe returned to Manfredonia in the year 2004 with another beautiful show in front of a full square with nearly 8,000 people. He performed in other places the same year such as Gravina and Scanzano in another southern Italian region.
The year 2005 began with another big concert at the PALATOUR PERLA close to Bari in February with a full-house, accompanied by 14 musicians and singing 36 songs (his and Elvis's) because he wanted to make sure every fan had his favourite song to listen to! 
The year continued with shows in Manfredonia, San Ferdinando di Puglia and the most important Elvis Day in the country in the North of Italy: Treviso, organized by Franco Gasparin. Starting from the summer of 2005, Joe plays with a new band, the TCB Band Italy, from Milan, which he calls the "Amazing Musicians" because they are not only musicians, but also enormous Elvis fans, which makes the difference. 
2006 sees Joe one stage at Milan's first Elvis Day at the North Carolina Cafè, organized by Massimo Duma where there was a positive response from a very attentive and critical audience. 
Following these shows, just to mention a few, in 2007 Joe sang at the famous Naima Blues House in Forlì,  the prestigious the Teatro Regio in Parma, in a sold-out show, and in a beautiful town called Borgotaro.
In 2008, Joe sang in Rimini and at Lido Adriano in Ravenna at the national Elvis Day organized by Tania.   In 2011 back to Lido Adriano and then at the Renoir in Bari.
A very special concert in 2012 was at the important Teatro della Luna, in  Milan where Joe performed Elvis’ famous concert Aloha from Hawaii with a perfect replica of the Aloha costume and stage.